Being Holy – a new expedition.

In reaction to my moral need to repent, and the tragedies that have recently befallen me within my personal life – I am now embarking on an attempt at religion. Every day I will be a different religion, completely devout and committed to the beliefs and koshers of that particular faith. I plan to do this for as long as necessary. The schedule is as follows; Sunday-Catholic, Monday-Buddhist, Tuesday-Protestant, Wednesday-Spiritualist, Thursday-Hindu, Friday-Muslim, Saturday-Jewish. In many ways this is also a response to the way in which people raise their children, and what religious background parents come from. For myself before embarking on this adventure I could identify both as a Jew and as a Catholic. (My mother is Jewish and my father is Catholic.) It is this which got me thinking – how many people out there are born into families that have parents of different religions? In the modern world, with the increase is technology how do people cope with the question of God?

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