Dazed and Confused MOCK Article

This work was produced a year to two years ago. I just dug it out. It is in response to a University brief to create a mock version of dazed and confused. It was based on the relationship between vintage fashion and ageing. Oh – and I’m the model.

Vintage is back. At its extreme vintage clothes go back to the victorian era. But is there a closer collection looming in our future? At the moment anything up to the 90’s can be considered vintage fashion. So, just look in your Nan’s closet and you’d be surprised at what you would find. A lifetime worth of clothing can be an absolute gold mine, a dusty treasure trove of sorts. And since they don’t wear it, does that still mean they’re in style? Daphne sure struts it in style. She wears a collection put together by stylist Lucy Hollingsworth who owns Dead Man’s Glory on Albert Road. Daphne says

‘buying a zimmer-frame was liberating. and more young people should do it – our relationship with the aging process is foolish to be taboo.’

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The set and all props were managed and constructed by photographer Heather Dalton who says,

‘I came up with the idea when I was an elderly carer, and now I’ve just had an opportunity to exploit it. – There was this one woman who I used to go to who had been to every country in the world, and traveled for thirty years. She brought back clothing among other things, and she still wears it all. Looking in her wardrobe was like looking into a time capsule, because it’s floor to ceiling and runs the distance of the entire bedroom on three walls. that got me thinking – why not? If vintage is in style why aren’t more grannies throwing out all that khaki, and dusting off what’s lying in their attic?’

The answer would be because society tells them no. Well we tell them yes, saying ‘in style’ isn’t harping back to your golden year’s it’s an opportunity to relive your favorite trends. So, it’s about time they acted their age. But are you? Is wearing vintage clothing making our generation any less modern? Do drum and bass and vintage fashion really mix? Perhaps this is the ‘vintage’ style we will be seeing when we’re older. Vintage is a fluid concept and as different movements or historical events happen over time – like everything else, it matures for the fresh eyes of the new generation. So, embrace your zimmer-frame and inner elder, because in thirty years everyone will probably be wearing it all again.

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