Pregnant mermaid. 2015

Mermaid Series: sunrise.

Pregnant Mermaid. 2015

Self Portrait Project. Experimentation.

Gallery Show: Younger Than Amy

Photographer Heather Dalton Artist

These self portraits are primarily intuitive, the result of experimentation to improve my digital skills and knowledge of artistic composition.  ‘Contemplation’ is one image and ‘After the Masters’ is a combination of two photographs. For both of them, the primary, is a self portrait digitally enhanced to reflect my interest in self transformation influenced by my emotional state. My production process occurs when I am alone, in the dark, in complete silence away from any other sensory distractions. A large proportion of my inspiration comes from my dreams, I dream vividly and often. 

Gallery EHVA poster artGallery EHVA Provincetown






Documentary landscape photo

The concept of the demolition derby originated in the United States and is still an exciting tradition. A demolition derby usually occurs during a county fair or festival with ‘professional’ drivers. This derby occurred far more spontaneously, as a privately organized event by local community members in this small town within upstate New York.

Documentary image demolition children

Documentary photograph demolition

Documentary portraiture photograph

Demolition Derby Documentary

The ‘derby’ started as a game of car soccer and when the balls popped escalated into tire pushing and eventually the ramming of vehicles. It was held because a farmers field had been cleared, which provided the space and opportunity. According to the farmer it also did a fairly good job of turning the soil….

documentary photography car destroy

Documentary photograph truck rally

Documentary Image Cars Burn




Congratulations to Mike and Mariia!


Dog Days.