Meet Mary. (Being Alice)

Photograph Meet Mary as Alice in Wonderland

New work. Short project, to be completed by the 8th of April. The working title is ‘Meet Mary.’ The goal is to photograph – Mary – acting out all of/or most of her childhood fantasies. The aim with this project is to produce a series of cohesive images which can be entered into a local competition. The greater goal with this work is to improve digital skills as well as expand illustrative/fantasy portfolio, with the aim of getting work with local theaters. With regard to conceptual material and research my primary interests are the indexicality of the image, history of fairytales/folklore, performance art, photo-therapy, and the construction of narrative. Visually I will be looking for artists/photographers who explore different techniques with regard to lighting effects, narrative sequencing, digital manipulation,  and image construction/production shoots.

alice and wonderland dennis

Photograph Meet Mary as Alice in Wonderland

*no newts were harmed in the making of these images.

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