Frightened. [Band Work]

frightened local band cape codDevon McFadden and Peter Russell in Band

Peter Russell and Devon Mcfadden Frightened

Frightened is an indie electronic/ post-rock project which was started by Peter Russell in 2010. In 2012 Devon McFadden joined Frightened to collaborate as the primary female vocalist on the new album, “The Love We Show Each Other”. The concept  for the album came from an idea about what it would sound like if instrumental electronic post-rock was joined with the sounds of more traditional folk singing.

Although the artists initially developed as soloists, they knew each other from a young age which enabled Peter to approach Devon for the creation of the album.  With backgrounds as soloists, the process of recording has developed as both independent and collaborative. Peter will write and create the instrumental portion and then send it to Devon where she will independently listen to it and produce lyrics. Then together, both artists will discuss and collaboratively develop what has been produced which results in a recording.

In an interview for this this album, Devon revealed that she wrote her lyrics to reflect “adolescent love and how it develops into mature love, which involves letting the past go”.  Outside of their passion for music Peter recently graduated from Ithaca University for Psychology and Devon has graduated from Marymount Manhatten University with a BA in Theatre. They are currently based out of Cape Cod and are available for bookings.

Released on March 4, 2013 “The Love We Show Each Other” is now available – free – to listen and download here:


Additional Credits for the Album:

Additional Vocals on “Iceblink Luck” and “Things I Can’t Keep” by Ruby Wolf
Electric Mandolin on “Fate and Nature” by Karl Thompsen
Iceblink Luck originally written and recorded by Cocteau Twins
Album Art by Sara Avellar
Graphic Design by Peter and Robin Russell

For bookings or enquires Frightened can be contacted at:

They are also available to follow and like on Facebook:

Peter Russell and Devon Mcfadden Frightened

All Photographs Copyright Heather Dalton 2013.

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