Walking Across America: Eric Armstrong

Eric Armstrong Walking Across America

Eric Armstrong is from Danbury, Connecticut, and is 24 years old. On February 18th,2013 he left Provincetown, Massachusetts, to start a solo walk across the United States, which is set to end in San Francisco, California.

Eric Armstrong Walking Across America

This walk was originally spurred from his interest in traveling, meeting new people, and a strong desire to discover the essence and heartbeat of the American land and its people. However, he realized that a walk of this magnitude could certainly serve as the catalyst to raise money for the problem of hunger in America. For two years, Eric worked in the kitchen of a children’s camp and has witnessed firsthand children who were afraid they might not have enough to eat when they returned home. Hunger is a serious issue that affects not only millions of Children in America, but adults and seniors alike.

Eric Armstrong Walking Across America

When you donate to his cause, ninety percent of your donation will be given directly to Feeding America. The remaining ten percent will be used on my walk to supplement costs of meals, places to sleep, and any emergencies Eric encounters. Donations will be accepted securely through his verified Paypal account, and at his earliest ability he will send the contribution through to the Feeding America website. Please know that YouCaring.com does not take any percentage of the money raised so you can be sure that your generous gift is making a difference.

Eric Armstrong Walking Across America

As a Photographer I was able to document part of his stay in Orleans, Massachusetts to help his cause. Donate Today.


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