The Year Book. – Girls by the Sea

‘The Year Book’ is a project which explores the nature of portraiture photography within different mediums and the different purposes, styles, and practicalities presented within portraiture. The plan is to document the importance of 41 people and their relationships to one another as members of an institution. Hopefully this will be achieved through the creation of ‘The Year Book’ Furthermore, a series of images documenting the process of making the year book will also be produced to greater inform the value of the myth. These will be included at the beginning of every post and followed by a slideshow or gallery of the final portraits produced. Hopefully I will also be able to update these posts at a later date to include the negative scans.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

               Visual and Conceptual Influences

                         It was suggested that I consider the work of Alison Jackson. The convincing nature of her work, including her website, has open my concept of the project into the spectrum of the greater myth. I am now considering the medium of the myth and where and how it can be disbursed, and how this affects the overall interpretation of the piece and its progression. The reason I have linked to her bio is to allow for people to immediately understand the relationship between the work she produces and the social/political commentary it makes as contemporary art.

I am also exploring the work produced by Eric Kessels magazine; In Almost Every Picture (#7)

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