‘Utopia’ White Night Brighton October 2011

After having a stab at the project, and going to Paris, and loosing all of the images and two of the signs, I was determined to do it again, and had my opportunity with the White Night which takes place in Brighton (England) on the 29th of October; just in time for, Halloween and Fancy Dress. This time, I was more organised and made plans to sleep in a friend’s ‘Hobbit Room’. I wrapped the camera’s in wire, to hopefully make them CHAV proof – I was so ambitious in this pursuit that when I was wrapping one on the bus into Brighton the fancy dress ‘White Rabbit’ that was sitting across from me described it as ‘Rambo’s Camera’.

Ironically the theme for the night was Utopia, and in the Utopian spirit – only one of the cameras was stolen. Two signs were used, and by replacing the cameras over the course of the Night I was able to go home with three spent disposable cameras – Victorious.

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