Meet Mary

* this work is currently incomplete and under development (please check blog for latest updates).

anne of green gables photograph

Portrait photograph woman

woman searching the ocean photograph

The little mermaid photograph

Photograph at Herring Run Brewster, MA

Old Ship Sailing Provincetown Harbor

Photograph woman on cliff

Photograph woman on dune

Photograph woman at pond Dennis

alice and wonderland dennis

Intentionally fallen trees Nickerson State Park

Woman at Ocean soul searching photograph

Photograph woman strength

Photograph of Mary on moss

Photograph mary at graveyard

Woman at herring run

Portrait in Dafodil Field Brewster, MA

Portrait cranberry bog Cape Cod

Photograph woman on rock

woman on rock herring run

model in nature photograph

Photograph Alice in Wonderland

Photograph woman ilke native american

Photograph mary sniffing dandylion

Photograph Meet Mary Little Mermaid

Photograph Mary Orleans, MA

Photograph Alice in the Rabbit Hole

Photography copyright Heather Dalton 2013

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